Silos are used for the storage of all types of bulk materials over a long time.

The variable composition of various sizes for a complete silo system in a confined space enables maximum storage capacity.
This concept is ideal for use at terminals due to the use of powerful filling and emptying systems.


Pneumatic conveyor systems are currently used in many areas of the bulk materials processing industry.

The bulk materials for conveying range from dust-like (Ø = 0 - 0.5 mm) to coarse-grained solids (Ø > 10 mm). The conveying capacities are a few kilograms up to several hundred tons per hour. The diameters of the conveying pipeline vary here from less than 50 mm to more than 500 mm. Conveying distances up to 1000 m can be bridged.


The calcium mixture preparations from Mahr GmbH are designed for dry, finely powdered lime [Ca(OH)2].

All components are matched with each other for sufficient storage of lime, the required dosing quantity and accuracy and the required lime milk quantity.