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Pinch Valve TYPE SQV


Pinch valve Pinch valve

Application area

The MAHR Pinch Valve TYPE SQV is used as a safety element for the pneumatic filling of silos. Installed in the filling line, it releases the complete pipe cross section during the filling. The thick rubber wall of the diaphragms results in long service lives. The solenoid valve directly attached to the SQV enables short closing and opening times.

Mode of operation:

During the pneumatic filling, the bulk material is blown through the filling line into the silo using compressed air. The free pipe cross section guarantees high delivery rates and low wear. In the case of a fault, tripping of any safety element, controller failure etc., the SQV is closed from the outside by pressurisation of the diaphragms. The diaphragm in the spherical part of the case is pressurised from the outside with compressed air at least 2 bar higher than the delivery pressure and thus compressed to complete closing. Due to the directly attached solenoid valve, the control air can flow in quickly and reliably close the diaphragms.

Material / design:

Case: grey cast iron, aluminium
Diaphragms: Rubber
Control air connection: G 1/4 inch

Technical data:

Operating pressure: 4 bar
Control pressure: approx. 1.8-2.0 bar higher than the respective operating pressure, max. 6 bar
Connection flange: DIN 2576, PN 10 alternatively inner thread 3" or 4"


  • operationally reliable
  • economic
  • low wear
  • short closing times