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Modular slider TYPE MMFH-H


Modular slider Modular slider

Application areas:

The flat slide valve is used as emergency slide valve at silo and tank outlets to be able to perform maintenance work on downstream discharge elements without emptying the silo. It guarantees optimum sealing when storing bulk materials containing dust or in granulate form up to maximum 4 mm grain size.

Mode of operation:

The modularly designed slide valve enables the attachment of the various drive types, manual, pneumatic and electric motor drive, for the same base frame. The slider plate has sealed rollers on both sides. The welded plates arranged like a labyrinth and all-round triple packing glands ensure optimum sealing. The packing glands can be easily adjusted from the outside as required.


Sealing block: aluminium
Packing box: grey cast iron
Packing glands: PFTE-impregnated ramie fibres
Slider plate: St 37, primed


  • optimum sealing
  • hot-dip galvanised
  • robust and reliable
  • short closing times
  • modular design