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Decompaction box


Decompaction box Decompaction box

Application area:

The decompaction box is mainly installed in silo cones. It prevents bridge formation and promotes the flowing out of the product. The application area is primarily fine powder bulk materials.


Polyester • ST 37


The unit consists of diverse decompaction nozzles which are arranged in a specific way depending on the specified conditions. Every decompaction installation is connected to a ring line and can easily be divided into various ventilation fields.

Electrical equipment:

A 2/2 way solenoid valve with the required protection type and voltage is used as ventilation valve.

Operating data:

Ventilation pressure: 2000 - 8000 mm WS
Air flow rates: 0.45 Nm3/min. per decompaction box
Temperature stability: max. 140 °C

Special features:

  • Using the decompaction box, emptying of the ventilated silo without residues can normally be guaranteed.
  • Low wear - no protruding parts in silo cone
  • Easy installation without entry into the silo and subsequent installation is possible.