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Shut-off valves


Shut-off valve Shut-off valve

Application areas:

The MAHR shut-off valves: Uncomplicated, robust components for many different operating conditions.
Shut-off valve with one flange (F1):
Everywhere where flexible connection is required. A rubber or cloth sleeve (or similar) connects to the downstream element.
Typical example: Between silo and weigher, sieve machines etc.

Shut-off valve with two flanges (F2):
Everywhere where positive connection to the downstream element is necessary. Typical example: Between silo and screw, rotary feeder etc.

Three actuation types can be selected for both base units:
a. Electropneumatic drive
b. Gear motor drive
c. Manual operation

Material / design:

Valve body: die cast aluminium
Valve disk: material grey cast iron with neoprene rubber coating
Shaft journals: material, made of C 40, with self-lubricating plastic bushes which do not come into contact with the product

F1: flange on one side + sleeve nozzle
F2: flange on both sides

a. Electropneumatic drive:
EP 80 - EP 100 - EP 125 = piston diameter

b. Gear motor drive:
Gear motor: Size GM2: 0.55 kW
Gear motor: Size GM2: 0.75 kW

c. Manual operation:
H2: Hand lever 300 mm long
H3: Hand lever 500 mm long

Technical data:

Dust-tight: alternatively pressure-tight up to 0.2 bar
Sealing ring: nitrile rubber (NBR black), temperature-resistant from -30 °C to +130 °C,
not suitable for food


  • Physical: very resistant to oils, heat and ageing
  • Mechanical: flexible, hardly deformable, very low gas permeability
  • Chemical: resistant to mineral oils, hydrocarbonates,
    water, steam, gas and vegetable oils

In the case of changing the operating process, it is possible at any time to change the shut-off valves to a different type of actuation