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Two-way tube switch ZR


Tow-way tube switch Two-way tube switch

Application area:

The tube switch is mainly used in delivery lines of high pressure systems; however it can also be used in the low pressure range at any time. It is suitable for the transport of dry, non-adhesive or tending to cake dusts and is used for changing the direction of the delivery flow.


Case: grey cast iron or cast stainless steel
Shut-off cone: grey cast iron or cast stainless steel
Seal: rubber, silicone, Viton


The tube switch consists of the tube switch case, the swivel arm with the shut-off cone and the pneumatic swivel drive. The closed outlet is sealed with a sealing ring which is pressed against a hardened ring.

Electrical equipment:

The tube switch has a limit switch (normally closed contact and normally open contact) in each end position at free choice for standard signalling. A Herion 5/2 way solenoid valve is usually used as control valve (other makes of control valve on request). The electrical equipment is supplied in any protection type and any common voltage according to requirement.

Operating data:

control pressure: approx. 5 bar
operating pressure: max. 10 bar

Special features:

The tube switch guarantees faultless sealing of the stopped delivery stream so that material mixtures in the case of conveying different materials via one system are ruled out. The advantage of this design is that the sealing rings can be replaced without dismantling and shortest standstill times. A different switch design must be selected for the conveyance of adhesive and caking materials. The tube switch can of course also be supplied with electric motor drive and with manual actuation.