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Rotary feeder TYPE SZR, N, UL


Rotary feeder Rotary feeder

Application areas:

The MAHR rotary feeders are used for metered discharges of powder bulk materials from silos or containers. Robust cast iron case, cell wheels made of steel or stainless steel, guaranteed quiet running and high operational reliability. Flanged gear motors connected directly via a coupling or using a chain reduction unit are available as drive. Different transmission speeds, variable chain reductions, manually adjustable control gearing or frequency-controlled motors enable fine tuning of the discharge performance.
Rotary feeders of the TYPE SZR are suitable for discharge flow rates up to 36 m3/h. Discharge rates to more than 300 m3/h are made possible with the type series N and UL.


Cell wheels with 8-10 cells dose the bulk materials; the dosing quantity is determined using the speed of the gear motor. Any change of the dosing quantity can be made using chain wheel alteration, manual control gearing or frequency-controlled motors. Bulk material can be optimally blown out pneumatically in the low pressure range using the blow-out shoe and the leakage air discharge.

Material / design:

Rotary feeders of the TYPE SZR: with cast iron case and cell wheels for small to medium discharge quantities made of steel or stainless steel.
Rotary feeders of the TYPES N + UL: are internally hard chromium plated, with polished cast iron cases and cell wheels made of steel or stainless steel and inclined cells. Sizes 200/620 and 300/650 as heavy-duty welded construction.
Silver grey hammer tone paintwork; other painting on request.

Technical data:

Rotary feeders with motor arrangement above chain wheels enable a short design. Speed monitoring and large-dimensioned motors with temperature monitoring using thermistors guarantee operational reliability.


  • permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • quiet running due to inclined cells
  • wear protection due to hard chromium plating