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Telescopic loading device TV


Telescopic loading device Telescopic loading device

Application area:

The telescopic loading device is used for transshipment of dust-like and granulate bulk materials from silos into road tanker vehicles and railway tank cars. Loading open vehicles and containers is possible using a special design. The transshipment of the products is free of dust if the device is connected to a filter system with 15 - 20 mbar vacuum pressure.


The telescopic loading device basically consists of the upper part with pulley and ventilation nozzles, the flow shaft attached with chains and the lower part. If required, a fill level limit switch which prevents overfilling can be installed in the closing cone. A manual or motor-driven winch is used for raising and lowering the device. The motor-driven winch is fitted with a special device which causes automatic retraction of the extended telescopic loading device if the vehicle sets in its springs due to the load of the filling. Depending on the application area, the telescopic loading device can be made of normal steel or stainless steel. Any combination of polyamide cones is possible. The bellows is supplied made of a special fabric depending on the intended use.


For size DN 200/88: approx. 100 m3/h
For size DN 300/88: approx. 150 m3/h. The throughput depends on the bulk material, the silo and the discharge aid.