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Screw weigh feeder


Screw weigh feeder Screw weigh feeder

Application areas:

  • Measurement of continuous mass flows
  • Weight-controlled filling of tanks, containers and similar


Weighing product:

All well flowing materials such as cement, rock powder, quartz sand, cereals, granulates.


Between 0.1% and 1% depending on type and material feeding.


200 kg/h to 40 t/h depending on screw size.


  • Small installation dimensions
  • Universal application
  • Can be retrofitted in existing systems


Mode of operation:

In the infeed area, the screw is pivoted horizontally transverse to the conveying direction. A force measuring device in the form of a measuring cell for weight measurement is generally installed in the area of the discharge. The product to be weighed is weighed during the transport from the infeed to the discharge. The accuracy of the screw weigh feeder basically depends on the filling level of the screw. Therefore there is an upstream dosing device (e.g. screw, rotary feeder, vibrating trough) before the screw weigh feeder.