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Mahr Bow 2000


MAHR Bow 2000 MAHR Bow 2000

The MAHR BOW 2000 is used for low-wear is used for low-wear direction change of pneumatic delivery flows. As the delivery flow is forced to the inner radius of the bow, the wear which would otherwise be produced at the bow inner wall is relocated to the material buffer zone which forms during the filling. The distinctive shape of the MAHR BOW 2000 changes the otherwise well-known wear at these critical places. A support buffer forms in the bow immediately after starting the filling which prevents wear on the bow itself and enables long service lives so that the conveyed material is not conveyed on the bow itself but along the support buffer.

Clear advantages of the MAHR BOW 2000:

  • Low-wear delivery flow direction change due to own bulk material cushion
  • Low pressure loss
  • Compact design
  • Low purchase and installation costs
  • Low resistance to bends with larger radius