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Air conveyor trough


Air conveyor trough

Application area:

The air conveyor trough is used for the horizontal transport of dust-like materials. Grainy products cannot be transported on it. Depending on type of product and delivery rate, the trough must be installed with an inclination of 5° - 7°.


Trough case: St 1203, AIMg 3 or material 1.4541 and 1.4571
Loosening plate: plastic fabric, sintered plastic or sintered metal
(tin bronze or VA)
Seal: Rubber


The air conveyor trough consists of upper and lower boxes which are separated by the porous loosening plate. The loosening air is blown into the lower box while the product to be conveyed is brought to flowing in the upper box as a result. Both boxes are firmly bolted to each other and sealed against each other. The troughs are manufactured in lengths of maximum 2,500 mm and can be bolted together into any lengths. Appropriate inlet and outlet connectors for this are also supplied. A standard fan is usually used as air source which is firmly mounted onto the air slide. Each trough part has a hand hole according to the drawing.

Electrical equipment:

A special motor on a rocker is used as drive motor for the ventilation fan. Protection type and voltage are according to customer requirement.

Operating data:

Air quantity / m2: dependent on the trough inclination and porous medium
Air pressure: dependent on porous medium

Special features:

When using this conveying trough, gentle conveying of powder material can be guaranteed. There is only low wear as, in contrast to mechanical conveying equipment, e.g. screw conveyors, no rotating parts are used. The loosening plate has a long service life and can be frequently regenerated after soiling. The hand holes enable checking the conveying and to perform mechanical cleaning without removal of the trough. Any number of inlets and outlets can be attached to the trough. Conveying distances do not play any role if sufficient height for installing the trough is available.