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Cone closure KVP


Cone closure Cone closure

Application area:

The MAHR cone closure makes pressure-tight seals of material filling openings. The main application area is the sealing of high pressure discharge vessels in high pressure conveying systems.


Case: grey cast iron, cast stainless steel
Flange: steel, 1.4301, 1.4571
Sealing cone: grey cast iron, cast stainless steel
Sealing ring: groove ring made of Hydrofit, Teflon, Viton


The cone closure consists of the case with sealing cone and the drive. The joined parts are sealed in each case with O-rings. The sealing cone is opened and closed using a lever design and a pneumatic cylinder. The seal is made by pressing the cone against the groove ring inserted in a steel ring.

Electropneumatic equipment:

The pneumatic drive is equipped with a 5/2 way solenoid valve. The cone closure has a limit switch in each end position for standard signalling.

Operating data:

control pressure: min. 3.5 bar
operating pressure: max. 16 bar

Special features:

Absolute leak tightness as the tank interior pressure supports the seal due to the design. Low wear as the sealing ring does not come into contact with the material flow.