Mahr GmbH is your partner for bulk materials technology

And when it comes to perfect silo technology

From the metalworking shop to the technology company for storage and conveying technology for bulk materials –
Mahr GmbH looks back on a company history of more than 100 years.


Company founding by Wilhelm Mahr in Wiesbaden. Founding of a metalworking shop with constant expansion by new plants.


Takeover by Wilhelm Mahr junior. He constructs greenhouses and heating systems for nurseries. At this time, the company had just under 300 employees.

Second World War
The factory building is severely damaged during the Second World War.


After the war, the company sees an economic upturn again and employs more than 50 people. Wilhelm Mahr junior dies shortly after the currency reform.


Walter Wilhelm becomes a partner in the company. He expands the product segment by electronic heating equipment and mobile cement silos among other things. The company takes over the management in the development of cement mixing plants.


Takeover of the "conveyor technology" division of Maschinenfabrik Wiesbaden. As a result, the company can provide complete turnkey production from one source for the first time.


Separation and spin-off of the "greenhouse construction" division by the grandson, Wilhelm Mahr.


The company gets into financial difficulties due to the early death of important partners and files for bankruptcy.


Re-establishment of Mahr GmbH – Anlagentechnik für Schüttgüter by Dieter Bee.


Mahr GmbH can look back today on 60 years of experience in plant construction. The company is particularly distinguished by maximum precision, top quality, reliable processes, innovative technologies and design solutions.